DIY and all things “baby”

So I’ve had diapers, nurseries, registries, and anything “baby” on my mind lately. Justin and I are trying to find as many money-saving options as possible to help us save $$ for our our baby’s college, our next house, and other big things purchases that we will be making in the future.

Cloth diapers are a must and we are 100% committed to doing that…it will save us over $1,000/ year! ¬†Who wouldn’t want to do that?? Any cloth diapers aren’t what you’re thinking…no pins, no triangle shaped pieces of cloth. Oh no…cloth diapers are pretty impressive these days. Take a look:

Aside from saving money with cloth diapers, we also want to have a lot of DIY projects in the nursery. I’m going to Goodwill today to look for a dresser or changing table that I can re-finish, and I also am going to make a baby mobile for above her crib. Maybe something like this?

accept instead of birds, I might try to see if I’m able to make a giraffe. I’ve been a little giraffe- obsessed ever since I started planning our baby girl’s nursery. No idea why. I’ve never really been into any particular animal (accept for my horse phase when I was 8…), but I came across this cute stuffed giraffe and ever since, I’ve been forcing myself to refrain from going overboard with it. You have to admit, its cute :

Now that all of these ideas are in my head, its time to get moving and make it happen! I’ll keep you posted on the progress ūüôā


We found out the gender! (and why we chose a midwife)

Well, I’m about 19 .3 weeks along now and last week we found out…its a GIRL!!¬†Justin and I are so excited. We are pretty sure we have a name picked out, but we won’t be sharing that until we are 100% sure that it will be her name (I tend to change my mind a lot…).

We went to the midwife yesterday to get a check-up and everything is going well. My blood work results were great, her heartbeat was strong, and she was moving around a lot. I haven’t actually felt her move yet, but I can always hear it on the¬†Doppler and see her squirming around when we get ultrasounds so that always makes me excited:)

Speaking of midwifes, I want to share why I chose to go with a midwife as opposed to an OB. Many women think of childbirth and have a lot of fears….fear of the pain, fear that something will go wrong, fear of what will happen, etc. But it is important to remember that God designed our bodies to have babies. It is a completely natural thing and, while there will definitely be some pain involved, it is nothing that you can’t handle as long as everything is normal and low-risk. The Bible puts it like this:

“A woman, when she is in labor, has sorrow because her hour has come; But as soon as she has given birth, she no longer remembers the anguish, For joy that a child has been born into the world. ”¬†John 16.21

Anyway…going to a midwife isn’t just about the labor and childbirth. I also enjoy going to my appointments because they are so much more relaxed than going to a gynecologist and I love their outlook on pregnancy/ birth. They view childbirth as something natural, God-given, and it happens every day. As long as things are low- risk and healthy, there is no reason to get poked and prodded all the time or to even have the baby in the hospital. I love the fact that I get to weigh myself and test my own samples. Also, when I speak with my midwife, ¬†we can talk about God (a couple of them have the same religious views as Justin and I do. That is always nice to have a common ground that is so important), I can ask as many questions as I want, and I don’t ever get a random prescription written out for me just because I say that I occasionally have pregnancy aches and pains, lol.

This is just my personal preference and I wanted to get it out there because some people just don’t understand where I’m coming from. If anyone chooses to go to a hospital or needs to for a medical reason, I totally support that….I just ask for that same support for what I choose to do. I’m not some radical either. If someone chooses to go to the hospital because they need an epidural to get some rest or ease the pain, I completely understand that. I’ve never given birth or been in labor so I might be in that same boat, too. I just think its good to have an open mind about everything and I want to try to keep my girl’s birth as drug and intervention free as possible for her health and mine.

Moving on…. we’re beginning to plan the nursery. Woo- Hoo! We’re thinking light yellow and some light pink accents. Nothing crazy… as soon as we start to work on it, I’ll post some pictures:)

Talk to you soon!

May, Myrtle, Mom, and…..

Easter feels like decades ago..our lives have been jam-packed and crazy the past couple of months. So here’s a bit of an update on what has happened since…..

– We celebrated our 2 year anniversary on May 2¬†in Myrtle Beach. Our wonderful friends the Zongkers (seriously, the coolest friends ever!) invited us to go to Myrtle Beach with them to stay in a time share. It was such an amazing, relaxing time. We played in the sun, swam, played putt-putt, explored Charleston, went to Medieval Times, ate some fantastic food, and so much more. I’ll post some pics below..

– When we got back from the trip, our days were filled with unpacking, working, etc. On May 14, we had a “housewarming” BBQ which was a blast! We got to hang out with our friends and share our new home with them. It cracked me up because our house is pretty small (a little under 1400 sq ft) and we all barely fit in that tiny house!

– My mom just left today…she, my step dad, and my little (14 year old) step brother all came for a 5 day visit. I was so sad to see them leave! We went to the beach, the museum, went shopping, went to church, took a drive to St. Augustine, and baked lots of treats. It is just so comforting to be around my mom. I can’t wait until we move to Kansas City some day!! (yes, that’s the plan…in about 3-5 years hopefully. But we’re going where God leads)

– Oh and… we also got some WONDERFUL news in April….

Baby Shannon is due December 2011!! (I am currently 14 weeks pregnant)

on the boardwalk

Wendi and Jarrett..we love them!we took a trip to Brookgreen Gardens ..beautiful!


That about sums up life to this point!… Now that I actually have things to update my blog about, this thing will get more entertaining to read, I promise:)

a non-traditional Easter

What a non-traditional Easter… oh well. Its the reason for the holiday that is most important. But I have definitely learned something about myself: keeping my family traditions are one of the most important things to me.

I am used to Easter baskets in the morning, sunrise Easter service, spending the day with my family, and then eating a ham/green bean/ mashed potato dinner. Very reliable. Very simple. Constant.

When you get married, there is so much compromise… I think one challenge I’ve had is that I am VERY traditional. I’m also very compulsive and try to make everything exactly the way I remember it being in the past. Whether its the Christmas tree nativity, the meals we eat, the sweets we bake…you get the idea. Same things every year. And I prefer it that way. ¬†Justin, on the other hand, comes from non-traditional family. His tradition is “there is no tradition”. So we are always having to find ways to compromise. This year, we had no such luck….

This year’s Easter consisted of waking up late for worship practice, rushing to church, having church service, BBQ after church, coming home to unpack/ put furniture together, and then we went to Carrabba’s for dinner.


moving…moving?…. some day.

Since my last blog post, we officially got the house and it is under contract! Yay! There are some ¬†issues, however (but what home-purchasing experience doesn’t have issues??). We were scheduled to close on the house tomorrow and move in this Saturday…but there was a hold up with the underwriter of the loan. Everything is fine and looking good, but there were just some last minute inspections that forced everything to be pushed back. Bummer!

I am praying it doesn’t get pushed back any further…we have SO much going on and this weekend (the weekend we are supposed to move) is the only free weekend we have before our apartment lease is up! eek! Here’s what the schedule looks like:

April 8-10: planned moving weekend, no plans besides dad’s b-day 4/10 and Justin’s b-day 4/11 (this is IDEAL!)
April ¬†15-17: Friend’s baby shower on the 16th, HUGE fundraiser on the 17th that I am helping organize (we can swing moving this weekend if we have to).
April  22-24: Easter weekend (we can probably swing this weekend, too)
April 29- May 1: Out of town for our anniversary May 2! And our lease is up May 3

It will all work out and be fine. I shouldn’t stress. So please be praying that everything runs smoothly! I’ll keep you posted!

PS- I have a VERY exciting blog post coming up…stay tuned!

update blog!

Well I’ve done more blog stalking reading lately that I have been writing. Shame, shame. So to fill you all in on our lives and what we’ve been up to, here’s the scoop:)

– Justin and I have been looking at ¬†HOUSE!! whoop whoop! We will soon be official home-owners and we are super excited. My dad has been our Realtor and we couldn’t do this without him. He definitely knows his stuff and has connections. God has really used him to help us and its amazing to see how smoothly this whole process has gone so far. It isn’t 100% official yet (waiting on appraisal results and the loan to be finalized), but we are thankful for this learning experience and there are definitely other houses out there. Although, I must admit, I am so emotionally attached to this house hehe. Take a look! The right half of the house is not in the picture…but I promise its there:)

The future Shannon residence!

– What else has been going on? Well, Justin is staying busy and happy in the work place. He is looking to start doing more side jobs. So if you need a website designed….let me know! He has also been teaching more often at our Friday night home groups for church- I love listening to him teach!

– Baby Fever. Justin and I have begun trying to have a kiddo. Start praying for that kid now, haha (just kidding). It is definitely on our hearts to be parents and raise up disciples for God… so we are confident and trusting that God will bless us with a baby when the time is right:) For now, we are a bit more focused on the house…but if we got pregnant that would definitely be amazing news!

– I am so excited for spring to be here! I bought this dress from Old Navy the other day and I wish they made it in every color/ pattern imaginable. Love it!

great for spring!

– Also, I have been loving going to Goodwill lately. I found brand new gold flip flops from Banana Republic for $3! And I got two brushed nickel lamp stands for $4 each! I need to start looking there for old furniture that I can¬†refurbish. ¬†Hmm… I’ll post more about that later.

That’s about all for now!

Am I dead?

Revelation 3: 1-3 ¬† “I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive , but you are dead.¬†2 Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of my God.¬†3Remember, therefore, what you have received and heard; hold it fast, and repent.”

You have a reputation. It doesn’t matter who you are….everyone is known for something. Whether what/who you’re known for being is true or just something people have built up in their minds….people assume things about you based on who and what you associate yourself with.

For Christians, this is a huge deal in my opinion. The #1 thing that “non- Christians” detest about “Christians” is that a large majority of them are hypocrites.

Sadly, a large majority of them aren’t hypocrites…..they just never truly got what it meant to be a Christian. ¬†(which is a REAL and PERSONAL relationship with Jesus Christ….not church attendance, praying once a day, doing good deeds, or simply saying you believe in God. But that’s a¬†separate¬†can of worms that I could open.)

When I was reading this verse this morning, I was really impacted by this verse. In this part of Revelation, God is speaking to different churches of the day and telling them that they are missing the point on some way or another. This church in particular is lifeless.

They have a reputation of being these great, religious believers…..but God sees the heart. He sees that it’s really just a big show that they are putting on.

They are spiritually dead and God is telling them, “wake up! Strengthen whatever you have left in this relationship you have with me because if you keep going down this road nothing will be left! Your deeds are incomplete in my sight because you’re not getting the point!”

Even though God was speaking to this church back then….it 100% applies to all Christians today. Are we alive in Christ and experiencing all that He offers us when we have a personal relationship with Him? Or are we dead….simply going to church and thinking we have it all together because we are “good people”.

It would be wise to constantly check ourselves in this area. Don’t be that “dead” Christian who simply goes through the motions to make yourself feel better. Go deeper in your relationship with God. Real the Bible and really wrestle with the idea of what it means to be alive in Christ and have a true relationship with Him.

If you call yourself a Christian….put 100% effort into trying to live up to that reputation.