Monthly Archives: December 2011


Well, here I am. 40 weeks and TWO days pregnant. My due date came and went. Although, it isn’t a surprise since most first babies are born some time in the 41st week…so Abbie is still very healthy and on track.

What’s new with me?

– my maternity clothes are too tight now

– my appetite has decreased (accept for the occasional ice cream craving)

– Abbie is the size of a medium pumpkin (according to my pregnancy app)

– Abbie has very little room to move around now. All I really feel now is her butt rolling from one side to the other and occasionally a hand pawing at my stomach..she’s wanting out, I think┬áhope!

We are praying I go into labor in the next couple of days. Our midwife wants us to get a biophysical profile next week if Abbie hasn’t come yet and we just can’t afford that since I don’t have maternity coverage (its $1000!).

So come out, Abbie! We want to hold you and spoil you rotten!!