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What I’ll miss about being pregnant…

Today marks me being 38 weeks pregnant- woo hoo! I felt like this day would never come but now that I look back, I feel like I just found out I was pregnant! Time really flies. As I’m sitting here, baby Abbie is having a bout of hiccups in my belly and it made me think…I’m going to miss this when I’m not pregnant! This got me thinking of all the little things I will miss about having our daughter in my belly:

1. Naps. I think this goes without saying….as soon as Abbie comes out, the sleep cycles in the Shannon household will be short and deprived for a while. I’m going to miss sitting around the house all day and being able to nap whenever I want!

2. Scapegoat. “I can’t, I’m pregnant”…man, I’m going to miss milking that phrase! Although, maybe soon I’ll be able to use, “I can’t, I have a baby” 🙂

3. Tiny kicks and hiccups. I love feeling my baby girl move around in my belly! Every time I feel her wiggle around in there, I know she is safe and healthy.

4. Free hands. Its pretty easy doing things around the house and taking care of Abbie at the same time when she’s inside of me! haha. Thank God for baby carriers/ wraps 🙂

5. Great hair days. Even though it seems this pregnancy has given me 50 gray hairs on my head (really….there’s a good patch now. yuck), I am loving the thick and shiny pregnancy hair! I’ve read that when your 3 months postpartum, A LOT of your hair falls out…but, then again, maybe some of those grays will fall out too!

6. Calories. Thanks to a pregnancy- induced higher metabolism, you can eat a couple hundred extra calories a day! (until the third trimester when you’re no longer hungry 24/7). The minute she’s born, its back to watching my caloric intake. Even though you should still have extra calories when breastfeeding, I’m going to see if my supply will stay up as I calorie- count.

7. Special treatment. I love when people insist on helping me load groceries in my car, giving me their seat, or letting me cut in lines….its so nice!

8. Having something to talk about. With certain people, its hard to find things to talk about…but it’s been nice to know that I can walk up to anyone and I already know what they are going to talk about “is she kicking?”, “how do you feel?”, “are you ready?”…there’s always a topic of conversation to go to 🙂

9. Washing baby clothes with no stains on them. There is so much excitement when you get brand new baby clothes, wash them in perfume-free detergent, fold them, and put them away. I’m sure the fabulousness of it all will soon fade once there is spit up and poop all over them. Just a guess….

10. Back rubs. My husband is the sweetest man in the world. And I hate to ask him for backrubs when he is tired (and usually don’t). But being pregnant, sometimes you just NEED to have a backrub…doesn’t matter what time it is. And he has been so wonderful about giving me a rub any time of day or night. But I won’t bother him for that after Abbie comes 😉

11. Not having to do crunches. I will miss not having to work out as intensely….but I am SO READY to get back into shape after Abbie comes!

Even though I will miss all of these things, I know that it will be the most wonderful feeling in the world to hold my precious daughter and watch her grow. Can’t wait!!


Just. For. Now.

“Just for now. The challenge you are facing is just for now. The joy you are celebrating is just for now. The tide never remains in. It recedes to return again. Inhale and give thanks for your blessing. Exhale and release your burden. They are here just for now.”

I heard this quote/ poem on the radio today and it put me into tears. It gave me such perspective and I feel like I can apply it to every single situation in my life. It opened my eyes to the blessings God has put in my life.

In regards to our financial struggles, it reminded me that those will always come and go like the tides and they won’t last forever…

In regards to my marriage, it reminded me that there is no marriage in Heaven and it is a sweet gift that God has given us to enjoy here here on earth. But it isn’t eternal….

In regards to my daughter, it reminded me that even she (this is when I began to bawl like a baby) is “just for now”. She is a precious human being that God has entrusted Justin and I with to raise here on this earth….but that isn’t eternal either….

The ONLY thing that is eternal, from everlasting to everlasting, is God and the salvation that we can have through His Son.

I am so thankful that I have God in my life and I have a real relationship with Him. He’s not just some deity who makes up all of these random rules to follow. He has purpose for the lives of His children.

Thinking about this also made me get on my hands and knees and pray that our daughter would have that relationship, too. We don’t need to be sad thinking that everything on this earth is “just for now”. We can be grateful for what we have currently and excited for what is eternal.