moving on…and looking for more

Since I’ve become pregnant, my “boss” and I have been talking about when I would leave and stop taking care of James. We’ve all seen it coming so I decided that I would stop when I am 8 months pregnant (just incase Abbie decides to come early…don’t really want to go into labor while chasing a toddler around!). We had all agreed that November would be a great time.

But something came up. James’ mom will move to a full-time nursing position and I told them I just don’t have the energy to be getting up at 5am 4 days/ week. So James will move to day care in October….which means I will only be watching him a few more times.

It is probably for the best since I’m having less and less energy these days and I can tell I’m entering the “nesting” stage- just wanting to stay home, clean, get the nursery together, wash baby clothes, etc.

Plus, James’ mom is pregnant and we plan on me watching the baby starting in May or June.  So its not a huge issue…

But I really need to find ways to make money from home. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve tried looking into focus groups, but I haven’t heard about any lately. I’ve looked into getting paid to blog…but, let’s face it, I’m not the best writer and I’m lucky if two people read this thing in a week’s time. I’ve also looking into writing transcripts from home but they all seem like scams.

I am really trying to take Titus 2 to heart…where it talks about women working from home, to be wise, and glorify God. I feel like that’s my calling right now. I need to focus all of my time and energy into my family, raising my daughter, and taking care of things at home. I just wish I got paid for doing that haha. Money is just really tight right now and I’d love to be able to take some of the load off of Justin.

I’m not sure what God has in store, but I am trusting that He will ALWAYS provide, take care of us, and show us where to go.

Until then…I guess I’ll just enjoy being a stay at home (expecting) mom!


About youngchewymom

I am a twenty-something wife, mommy, daughter, friend, and worship leader trying to do too much at once (story of my life!). I married my best friend, Justin, in May 2009 and two years later we moved into our very first house! The week that we closed on the house, we discovered we were expecting our first baby in December 2011. Ever since then, it seems life has been a crazy ride and we have been soaking in every second of this life that God has blessed us with. Life has its ups, downs, rough times, and blessings...and this is my attempt to document whatever comes our way! View all posts by youngchewymom

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