Last week I went to visit my mom in Kansas City. We had originally booked the plane tickets because Justin was planning on going with our church to El Salvador on a mission trip. Long story short, his work wouldn’t let him take the week off. So I had a week of vacation and Justin had a week of working late and getting more done than he normally would on his “side project” websites (I’m such a distraction lol).

It is always a great time visiting my mom. I can’t wait until the day when we live closer to each other. We bought baby clothes, looked at nursery decorations, and she even treated me to some maternity clothes and a pedicure:) Moms just know what you need more than anyone else on the planet…I love it.

I have yet to upload my pictures…but I’ll get around to it 🙂 There aren’t many great ones. I love taking pictures of my trips but it seems every time I go to Kansas I forget! Guess I’m having too much fun 🙂

It was a great time with my mom and I am hoping she will be able to come in October for the baby shower:) But I am glad to be back….the  “to-do before baby comes” list continues to grow with my belly!


About youngchewymom

I am a twenty-something wife, mommy, daughter, friend, and worship leader trying to do too much at once (story of my life!). I married my best friend, Justin, in May 2009 and two years later we moved into our very first house! The week that we closed on the house, we discovered we were expecting our first baby in December 2011. Ever since then, it seems life has been a crazy ride and we have been soaking in every second of this life that God has blessed us with. Life has its ups, downs, rough times, and blessings...and this is my attempt to document whatever comes our way! View all posts by youngchewymom

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