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May, Myrtle, Mom, and…..

Easter feels like decades ago..our lives have been jam-packed and crazy the past couple of months. So here’s a bit of an update on what has happened since…..

– We celebrated our 2 year anniversary on May 2┬áin Myrtle Beach. Our wonderful friends the Zongkers (seriously, the coolest friends ever!) invited us to go to Myrtle Beach with them to stay in a time share. It was such an amazing, relaxing time. We played in the sun, swam, played putt-putt, explored Charleston, went to Medieval Times, ate some fantastic food, and so much more. I’ll post some pics below..

– When we got back from the trip, our days were filled with unpacking, working, etc. On May 14, we had a “housewarming” BBQ which was a blast! We got to hang out with our friends and share our new home with them. It cracked me up because our house is pretty small (a little under 1400 sq ft) and we all barely fit in that tiny house!

– My mom just left today…she, my step dad, and my little (14 year old) step brother all came for a 5 day visit. I was so sad to see them leave! We went to the beach, the museum, went shopping, went to church, took a drive to St. Augustine, and baked lots of treats. It is just so comforting to be around my mom. I can’t wait until we move to Kansas City some day!! (yes, that’s the plan…in about 3-5 years hopefully. But we’re going where God leads)

– Oh and… we also got some WONDERFUL news in April….

Baby Shannon is due December 2011!! (I am currently 14 weeks pregnant)

on the boardwalk

Wendi and Jarrett..we love them!we took a trip to Brookgreen Gardens ..beautiful!


That about sums up life to this point!… Now that I actually have things to update my blog about, this thing will get more entertaining to read, I promise:)