Monthly Archives: April 2011

a non-traditional Easter

What a non-traditional Easter… oh well. Its the reason for the holiday that is most important. But I have definitely learned something about myself: keeping my family traditions are one of the most important things to me.

I am used to Easter baskets in the morning, sunrise Easter service, spending the day with my family, and then eating a ham/green bean/ mashed potato dinner. Very reliable. Very simple. Constant.

When you get married, there is so much compromise… I think one challenge I’ve had is that I am VERY traditional. I’m also very compulsive and try to make everything exactly the way I remember it being in the past. Whether its the Christmas tree nativity, the meals we eat, the sweets we bake…you get the idea. Same things every year. And I prefer it that way.  Justin, on the other hand, comes from non-traditional family. His tradition is “there is no tradition”. So we are always having to find ways to compromise. This year, we had no such luck….

This year’s Easter consisted of waking up late for worship practice, rushing to church, having church service, BBQ after church, coming home to unpack/ put furniture together, and then we went to Carrabba’s for dinner.



moving…moving?…. some day.

Since my last blog post, we officially got the house and it is under contract! Yay! There are some  issues, however (but what home-purchasing experience doesn’t have issues??). We were scheduled to close on the house tomorrow and move in this Saturday…but there was a hold up with the underwriter of the loan. Everything is fine and looking good, but there were just some last minute inspections that forced everything to be pushed back. Bummer!

I am praying it doesn’t get pushed back any further…we have SO much going on and this weekend (the weekend we are supposed to move) is the only free weekend we have before our apartment lease is up! eek! Here’s what the schedule looks like:

April 8-10: planned moving weekend, no plans besides dad’s b-day 4/10 and Justin’s b-day 4/11 (this is IDEAL!)
April  15-17: Friend’s baby shower on the 16th, HUGE fundraiser on the 17th that I am helping organize (we can swing moving this weekend if we have to).
April  22-24: Easter weekend (we can probably swing this weekend, too)
April 29- May 1: Out of town for our anniversary May 2! And our lease is up May 3

It will all work out and be fine. I shouldn’t stress. So please be praying that everything runs smoothly! I’ll keep you posted!

PS- I have a VERY exciting blog post coming up…stay tuned!