Monthly Archives: January 2011


What a whirlwind of a weekend! On Saturday we woke up at 5am to head down to our friends house, pile in a van together, and make the drive to Orlando for a day at Disney. Our friend Veronica has some free tickets and invited us (SO nice of her!). There were 7 adults, 1 fourth grader, and a 9 month old haha. so crazy! But it was a blast. We started the day at Hollywood Studios, then to Animal Kingdom, and ended the day at Magic Kingdom (my favorite!!). Here’s a few pics from the day:


So Sorry!

I am terrible at keeping up with this! I miss my old blog– I was so good at keeping up with it and I has like 100 views every day and people who followed me…..and now I think I’m lucky if one person ever reads this. But that’s not what its about. Its just nice to journal a bit and post my thoughts. Typing is much easier that writing in a journal, so I enjoy going back and reading my posts from time to time so I can see what God has been doing in my life.


Anyways… with that said, I am going to start a “bullet point” Thursday so that, if nothing else, I’ll just have an update every Thursday of my thoughts and things that are going on with me. Sounds like SO much fun to read, right? haha. Here it goes…

* Nannying is fun, but I’m definitely over it. Justin and I are really seeking God to see what my next “job” step is

* Soon, I will begin my side job as a children’s music instructor. I will give beginning guitar, voice, and piano lessons. I’m excited! Justin is going to make me a website and everything!

* Another thing we are praying about is starting a family….first we need to figure out insurance stuff, but then I think we’ll get the ball rolling. Its a pretty big step!

* I’m in the beginning stages of planning our second mission trip to El Salvador this summer and I’m getting so pumped up!! Ready to bring God’s word to the masses!

* Facebook makes me so not content with my life. I need to stop looking at other people’s profiles and pictures of their trips abroad and new houses and pregnant belly pictures….and I need to focus on my life and what God is doing in it. There is a seasons and God-appointed time for everything under the sun:) And His plan for me is perfect.

*Over-all I’m just really looking to God for the future and at the same time, I am trying to enjoy this moment and this season that He has me in right now 🙂