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best way to save

With the economy and the holiday season where everyone seems to be spending, spending, spending… I find myself feeling guilty every time I buy something.  Even if its groceries. I feel like we need to be saving every penny that we can to afford gifts for everyone.

So I have been researching on how I can shop smart and these are my favorite places to find bargains:

Goodwill (shabby-chic home decor, vintage accessories, clothes, furniture…pretty much anything but groceries lol)– I’ve always known about this place, but I got some really good ideas from

Southern Savers (grocery coupons)

antique stores- you can find so many inexpensive things here!

garage sales- one mans trash is another’s treasure. ’nuff said.

farmers market – I bought 2 week’s worth of fruit/ vegetables for less than $15!

I plan on going to goodwill today to look for some inexpensive things I can create gifts with:) I’ll keep you posted….

PS- The “Psalms” adventure is going well. I’ve been learning a lot and am almost done writing out Psalm 15!



Life has been a bit crazy these past couple months. If you have read my past entries, I don’t really need to explain how busy Justin and I are. But it seems that October through December are a whirlwind….with the holidays, church activities, trying to see family in 4 different states, and our jobs life can feel hectic if I’m not careful or spending time focusing on the simplicity of my calling.

The simplicity of what I am called to do. That is so soothing to hear. I just want to make that my mantra.

Yesterday I stumbled upon Bethany Dillon’s blog (I’m subscribed to her…go check her blog out!). Obviously, I have never met her, but I feel this deep connection with her. Her passion for music and worship, her passion for her marriage, and her passion for the Lord all speak to me in a very raw way and it just inspires me to try and be a better woman of God. (not to mention her music is just incredible!)

Anyways.. I’ve gone on a tangent! All that to say, I was watching a youtube video where she was talking about her new album and she mentioned that the Lord has really been pressing it on her heart to stop getting lost in the craziness of life and just focus on the simplicity of what she is called to do. I can definitely relate to that and I feel like that is what I really needed to hear. God’s calling is very simple and very radical.

To stop, listen, and follow.

I can complicate life so much– I am human. But at the end of the day I want God to be pleased with me. To say He knows me and is pleased me being with the Godly wife, friend, and daughter that I am called to be.

So I feel like I am really getting into this journey of figuring out how to simplify and focus on that. And today, God really showed me that I need to tame my tongue. That is where it all starts…. it is where my thoughts and feelings are verbalized. And , being a woman, it is so easy for me to talk talk talk and make small things big issues. It is easy for me to twist things. It is easy for me to complicate the heck out of things.

…and I just need to keep my speech simple. To let wholesome and edifying speech come out, and to work on my heart to hald back the negative things that want to come out sometimes. Proverbs 17:28 says it best: “Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent”

So I’m just gonna chew on that for a while….and keep my mouth shut.