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As promised…

Well, I said a few posts earlier that I would post my thoughts on the book I am reading. Thus far, I have read about 1/3 of the book and it’s been pretty good. The book is titled ‘Lies Women Believe : and the truth that sets them free’  by  Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Some parts are fairly elementary, but some really opened up my eyes. So below are just some really good quotes that I underlined as I read:

” every act of sin in our lives begins with a lie. we listen to the lie; we dwell on it until we believe it; finally, we act on it”

“we reject the Truth and violate the Word of God one time in what seems to be just ‘ a little matter’. However, the net time we are tempted, we find that it is easier to sin and the next time, it is easier still. We don’t just sin once; we sin again and again and again and again, until a ‘groove’ has been worn in our hearts- a sinful pattern. Before we realize what has happened, we are in bondage. A sinful stronghold has been established”

“We need the Lord to help us see what we have been believing that is not true…Satan’s primary weapon is deception.”

“What we believe is revealed, not by what we know or what we say we believe, but by how we actually live.” (love this quote!)

“If we have wrong thinking about God, we will have wrong thinking about everything else. What we believe about God determines the way we live.”

Aren’t those so insightful? It just forces the reader to step back and take a good, hard look at their life. That bolded quote above is my favorite. This is something that has really been on my heart lately…..LIVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

It grieves my heart when I see people claiming to believe in Jesus, to love Him with all their heart, to follow His ways, and then continue to live in sin. Not to say that I’m perfect…no one is. We all sin daily (at least I know I sure do).

But I’m talking about friends who I hear saying “God is good all the time!” or “I love Jesus, He is always there for me” …and then the next minute I hear them talking about some party they got wasted at, using foul language, hooking up with people, etc. It’s just sad.

I know we all sin. I’m not judging anyone’s salvation or anything…… I just know that if we are believers who claim to love and follow Jesus, we should be reading His word. And we should be doing everything in our power to follow those Words and Truths. If you are going out, getting drunk, sleeping with people when you aren’t married, etc….there is definitely some intentional thinking there. You know what you are doing whether you admit it or not.

As Christians, people watch us whether we think they do or not. People watch the way we live. And the way we live should be pointing to Christ.

When we don’t do that, it makes us hypocrites. And that is what gives believers and christians a bad rep.  If you choose to live that lifestyle, you might as well just say you don’t believe. That’s my opinion. It’s like me saying I believe that eating apples causes cancer, telling everyone about it and making it public, then walking around eating apples all day….doesn’t make sense! Okay, maybe that was a strange analogy.. but you know what I’m saying.  It grieves my heart, but I think it grieves God’s heart even more.

What we believe is shown by how we live……so what do you believe?



So, I’m gonna be completely real. If anyone knows me, I think its apparent that I’ve been struggling with my weight. I’ve actually struggled with it my entire life. Most people think ‘Okay, easy solution: portion control, work out, eat right!’ But the reality is, that doesn’t always do the trick. I’ve tried that. I’ve tried all kinds of diets. I’ve worked out three times a day, seven days a week. And not much changed. Sure, I felt better….but as far as weight goes, the numbers didn’t change very much. Some people are just different. There are so many people who have food sensitivities and allergies. And I, as you may be able to guess based on the title of this blog, have a gluten intolerance. For some reason, my body just can’t process it and I blow up like a balloon.

I once went off of gluten for a summer and lost 40 pounds. No joke. Seems like a fool-proof way to keep me in good shape, right? To be honest, I went off of my gluten-free way of eating because it is just so darn difficult! I mean….gluten is in EVERYTHING!! soup, some meats, breads (with a few exceptions), ice cream, beer, soy sauce, lunch meat, broth..and the list goes on.

All this to say, I have had enough of this battle. I’m going gluten-free. I’m going to track everything and stay as gluten-free as possible. I have been avoiding this because it is just so hard. Especially with Justin and everything. I don’t want to make him eat the same way so it will be a struggle trying to figure out our meals.

Here’s some more info if you’re interested. It explains what gluten is, what foods have it, and what foods don’t.

Gluten-free guide

pray for me! I’ll keep you posted!

Flying Awkward

Well, I have made it here to Kansas City. The weather isn’t screaming “autumn” like I thought it would be, but this weather in the 70’s is much nicer than the humidity in Jacksonville!

My travels went well….airplanes are so awkward when you’re flying alone, if you really think about it. Sleeping 2 inches away from another sleeping stranger, occasionally bumping into one another, trying to make small talk when you both are awake at the same time…..definitely makes me miss traveling with Justin!

I had a layover in Atlanta that was so quick I needed to stay on the plane. The only thing was that only ONE other person from that entire flight was in the same situation. And who was it?….yep. The sleeping man 2 inches away from me. Talk about weird! The entire plane was emptied, elevator music was playing, and I am sitting there with bug-eyes wide awake with a sleeping stranger in the seat right next to me…I was SO happy when the next flight began to board!

Kansas City has been pretty fun so far. My mom and I did some shopping, we went to lunch with my step dad at Smash Burger (a MUST! It is amazing), and today is Steve’s (my step dad) birthday! We are going to have his son, Charles, come over for dinner and stay the night so that will be fun.

Justin seems to be doing well…..just staying busy like usual, lol. Can’t wait to see him:)

Well, that’s all for now. I’m reading this amazing book that I am going to post about soon….there’s some awesome insights about the lies that the enemy tells us. Stay tuned!

nothing witty

So I don’t have anything witty to put as my blog title… oh well.

The past few days have gone by so quickly! Here’s a quick overview of what went on in the Shannon household:

Friday: Made Pupusas (a Salvadorian dish we fell in love with on our mission trip) for our homegroup, had some friends over to play games and watch movies

Saturday: worked out with our friend Andrea (she is the best! she got us hooked on Insanity), went to St. Augustine and met up with a couple friends down there, then went to Dave and Busters to celebrate our dear friend Buck’s birthday. Afterwards, we all came back to our place to have cake, pizza, and watch a movie. What a fun day!

Sunday: Church and lunch with friends afterwards. Justin had a leadership meeting and then afterwards, we had dinner with our friends the Zondgers! They are so fun..and great cooks, too! We have a lot in common with them and will definitely be hanging out more. Plus, Wendi gave me a bread maker that she said she never uses…score! lol

Monday: ahh…Labor Day. A day where you can relax, BBQ, swim, and…..oh…wait….I had to work:( Yuck!! But Justin got to do all of those fun things and I am thankful for that. We have so many wonderful friends at our church and the Hardmans had a huge Labor Day BBQ at their house. So much fun! And man, can Paul grill! (Justin brought some leftovers)

Our days seem so packed lately. But I think that’s a good thing (even thought I stress about it a lot and complain to Justin that I just want to sleep in on a Saturday for once!). I think that when you have too much alone time where you arent busy, its easy to have idle hands. And that just leads to trouble.

In other news, I am leaving my current nanny job (with James) and will soon be going off to nanny for our wonderful friends the Romeros!! I love them!! Steven, the father, took our wedding photographs and his wife Marisel is just a dear friend! They have the cutest baby girl, Isabella and I am so excited to help take care of her:) Plus, they live in the neighborhood that Justin and I want to live in, our homegroup meets there, and all of our friends live there! How awesome is that??

Also, I am flying tomorrow (at 5:30am!) to see my mom in Kansas City until Monday. I am so excited! The only (HUGE) bummer is that Justin can’t come:( Can you believe that in our 1.5 years of marriage, we have never spent a night apart?! This will be so hard! It makes me glad that we have, you guessed it, another busy weekend. Our church youth group will be going to Rock the Universe and then on Sunday, it is AwakenChurch‘s 3 years anniversary celebration! So sad I will be missing that! Needless to say, I don’t think Justin will have a hard time trying to distract himself. Hopefully he can have a guy night or something. And I get to have a birthday celebration with my mom and stepdad in KC!

Hope you all are doing well. Be sure to check out Justin’s blog!

God bless 🙂