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My husband has started a blog…I’m so proud! hehe. He and I are getting back in to shape together by eating right (which we’re USUALLY pretty good at….) but, most importantly, we are exercising more.

We purchased the Insanity DVDs and, let me tell you, they are SO intense! You can read his blog if you click on the link to your right that says “my husband”.

Since my job makes it hard to do every day, I am doing insanity at a slower pace, and on the days when I don’t follow the DVDs, I make sure I am still doing at least 30 min. of cardio every day. So far, I’ve been working out consistently for a week and I feel pretty good!

We will keep you posted on the progress!



My husband and I are busy people.

The fact that we have jam-packed schedules has recently set in. Big time.  I think it might have something to do with moving our calender into the kitchen so we have a visual of how we fill our time (and since we’ve accidentally over-booked our schedule and had things run into each other. oops!)

I always pictured married life as relaxing on the couch and reading together, taking weekend road trips, and lounging outdoors watching the sun go down….Boy, was I wrong!!

Whether it is band practice, a church meeting, dinner with friends, visiting family, or random people coming over…it seems we always have something going on. And even if we don’t have anything planned or written on the calender, it seems something is always going on. People come over, we get invited somewhere,  etc.

We have even declared Monday nights as “date night” but that has only happened a couple of times since something always seems to be coming up.

The funny thing is, I have found that I love being busy people. Justin and I both work well being busy. Justin may take it a little farther than I do as he runs around like a chicken with its head cut off, lol. But I mean, we are usually together with whatever we do, we’re with our friends and family, and we’re having fun.  That’s what is important.

Life is all about loving God, loving others,  and fellowship. And we try to do a good job balancing all of those things.

I look at how busy our lives are right now and I try to imagine us having a baby in the midst of that crazy schedule. It kind of makes me sad because I want to start having kids soon, but I also realize how much will change. I want to continue having game nights at our house, hanging out with our friends still in college, etc….but I wonder how much of that will be able to stay the same once we start “growing up” and having a family.

For now, I will just enjoy this season of life that we are in and trust that God will take care of everything:)

El Salvador changed my life (continued)

So I haven’t journaled the past couple days 😦 here is what we did..

Tuesday: taught on fruits of the Spirit (it went MUCH better!). Ate dinner at Julio’s internet cafe that he owns and had an amazing worship time with Giovani leading us. So fun!

Wednesday: I was sick in the morning from the breakfast, I think . But it was amazing, Vashii and some others prayed for me and about 5 minutes later, I was completely better! amazing! we stayed and painted the church, and that night we played worship again for the wednesday night service. a girl I met there named Jenny came up to me, gave me a note saying how much she loved me, and gave me bracelets. I felt so loved! she is the sweetest girl.

Thursday: last day with the kids in the nutrition center:( I will miss them! we painted some more at the church, and ate papusas for dinner….which made a couple people sick!

Friday: this was our “fun day”. we hiked a Volcano near the border of Guatemala (I think..), went to a mall in San Salvador, bought souvenirs (Karen got me a bracelet which was so sweet!) , we had a fun time bonding and playing games in the hour+ drive!

Saturday: we finished the house and finished painting the church. At night, we had a goodbye dinner and they has a special presentation for us. I don’t want to leave! I love it so much here. The people are so warm and loving. And even though it is so dangerous, I feel drawn to this place. I feel drawn to the people. Justin and I plan on sponsoring at least one of the kids from the nutrition center for $40/ month. We aren’t sure which kid particularly but we don’t care. Just as long as they get vitamins and good meals.

It is Sunday, the day we leave and I am so sad to go! We are having breakfast, taking pics at the finished house, and packing. Then we leave for the airport.

Later Sunday: Last flight from Miami–> Jacksonville. Evelin, Jose, Baristo, Eddie, and a few others drove us to the airport to say goodbye:( It was so funny how they always called is gringos lol. This morning we went to the finished house, took pictures,  and sadi goodbye to the Ventura family. Jenny, who wrote me the letter and gave me the bracelets, was there and I got to see hre house and meet her family. SO humbling. They have dirt and mud for a yard, flea- infested wild dogs roaming everywhere, and no clean or running water. Yet just seeing us put the biggest smile on their faces. Just because we are there to help them. I am praying that they are saved and want to know God just by seeing our help and our actions.  Rolando Ventura, the dad of the family, said he was so humble, thankful, and hoped God would bless us many times over. It is my prayer that this house we built for them would be a refuge for them…and in that refuge I pray that they would realize the God is their true refuge and salvation. I prayed that this house would be a blessing to them and a wonderful place for the kids to get nutrition and health. I will definitely miss everyone 😦 I want to go back next year so badly! This trip has really showed me humility, God’s power, His love, and simplicity. I think we are so spoiled in the U.S. It is easier not to believe in God since we can so easily live for ourselves. But in El Salvador, I sensed nothing but love and joy. Everyone, even the kids who didn’t know God, were so “others centered” and loving. In a sense, I kind of resented the ways of the U.S. …just how spoiled and selfish our culture as a whole can be…but that’s the world I guess.  I can’t get over it. Thank you, God, for Your love. Thank you that you ar ealive and Your Spirit lives in us. Thank You and I praise You for You have the power to change the world:)

and that’s the last of my journal from my El Salvador mission trip. Hope you enjoyed it!

El Salvador changed my life (continued)

Disclaimer: mission trips are filled with joys, trials, frustration, happiness, sadness, and everything in between. I am copying my journal word for word so that I can really share my full experience with you. Some of what I say may seem immature or irrational….but this is just what I wrote and felt at the time. God really teaches you in times of weakness and that is definitely what happened with me.

July 5, 2010

I was a little frustrated today. I was supposed to “help” teach and English class and I ended up having to teach a Bible class! ahh!! I wasn’t prepared at all and I had no idea this was something that they needed us to do. I had no idea who I was teaching, where they were at with their relationship with God, and I was supposed to teach them!?! I shared Proverbs 3:5-7 and shared about being different from what “the world” expects and relying on God.  I was done in like 15 minutes (if that) and then we were awkwardly sitting around so I suggested we play ‘ninja’ which is a game. They really didn’t seem like they wanted to play. No one asked questions about what I was saying either so I felt like they were completely disinterested. I feel so defeated, but I am determined to make it better!! I am teaching again on Thursday and I’m going to get a lesson together 🙂

…later same day….

I found out I am teaching tomorrow as well…oops! I am teaching on the fruits of the Spirit which hopefully will go well…God please use me and speak through me! WE also helped with the nutrition center. So many malnourished kids come to the church to get a good meal, pray, color, play games, and have a healthy snack. Most of them were from the village where the crew is doing construction. The language barrier was hard– the kids took my camera and I didn’t know how to get it back except say “no mas! no mas!” haha. I bet everyone thought I was crazy. The kids would talk to me in Spanish like I knew what they were saying and all I could say was “huh? no se espanol”. Either that, or I would point to their pictures and say “muy bien!” “bonita!”. When I come back next year, I am going to know SO much Spanish. I’m making myself learn the language. After that, we came back to the hotel to change, went to dinner at Julio’s, and came back here to get some sleep. Which is what I need to do now. Goodnight! Feeling humbled, tired, hopeful, and generous.