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El Salvador changed my life

Well, I am back from our mission trip to El Salvador. And I mean it when I say it changed my life. On the trip, we all kept journals and logs to record what we did every day (since it was 9 days and we were SO busy, it was easy to lose track!) So I thought it would be cool to just copy my journal into my  blog so others would know what the mission was like. I am praying it will make some of you want to go on a mission trip yourselves! It was my first overseas mission trip and after going, I really believe everyone who professes Jesus as their savior needs to go on at least one. He really grows your faith in those times and you learn a lot about yourself.

So, since  9 days of journaling is SO much to post, I’m going to post a couple entries at a time. Here’s the first two:


We had a flight to Miami @6am (way too tired!), a 4 hour layover filled with breakfast, team-building, and watching the World Cup 🙂 Our flight to El Salvador is coming up and I am so nervous/ scared!! Who knows what this will be like…


We have only been here one day and SO much has happened! I can’t believe that we aren’t in the US anymore. One thing I learned here is you can’t call USA “America” because El Salvador IS in America (Central America)….I know, obvious. But I think a lot of US Citizens are oblivious to that.

It is a huge adjustment to their way of life but it has been an easy one thanks to the church’s hospitality. Let’s see…. yesterday we arrived, went through customs, got into 2 vans, drove to “Pollo Campero” (an El Salvadorian McDonalds) for lunch, and went to the hotel to settle in (which is gorgeous!). Then we went to the Iglacia Grand Comision (Great comission church) and ate dinner at one of the member’s restaurants (Juilio).

The food is so different- these people made such a sacrifice to go out of their ways so we could have clean/safe water and food. What a blessing. It is truly a humbling experience. This entire trip so far has completely humbled me. I can’t believe that I have been so discontent with things in my life (like my apartment, car, clothes, etc.) when a majority of these people live in dirt/mud floored huts with slabs of metal as their roof and walls. They do laundry in the rivers and don’t have clean water. So many of the children have nutritional deficiencies…that will be one thing we help with. But despite all that, I have never sensed so much joy and love from people in my life. All the children and people we have met are so genuinely happy…it touches my heart:)

Today we got up, ate breakfast at the church, took a tour of the city, took LOTS of pictures, and then came back for lunch.

Their worship team is awesome! They asked me, Justin, and Liz to play with them at the church service which was fun! It was a little stressful with the language barrier….a lot of off key singing in Spanish and English trying to explain things lol. But the people of the church were so glad to have us there. All the little girls wanted a picture with me:) Vashii did a great job preaching, too! I’ll write more tomorrow…it is pouring right now on our tin roof and I can barely hear myself think!