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chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

Okay, so I’ve never roasted a chestnut. And we live in an apartment that is devoid of anything resembling a  fireplace….but I am so happy that its Christmas time! I’ll give a little recap of my Thanksgiving experience:

Justin and I stayed in Jacksonville, so we didn’t have to do any traveling in the morning. We slept in for the first time in a LONG time, turned on Christmas music, cleaned the house a bit, put up Christmas lights (yay!), and didn’t get dressed until 3pm. Notice that no where in there did I mention cooking anything:) His grandma and aunt are amazing! They made everything!

So around 4, Justin and I drove down to his Grandma’s house to help her hang up a few pictures before the whole family got there (She moved in almost a year ago so she is still decorating a bit). When we were done, Justin’s aunt, uncle, and three little cousins came over and we were ready to set the table and have a great dinner.

Two highlights of the night stand out to me. One, was Justin’s family forgot that I was allergic to shellfish and so they sautéed the green beans in this sauce which I had previously cooked the shrimp appetizer in!! I didn’t die or anything (obviously), but they told me after I had eaten all of my green beans! I just popped a Benadryl and I was fine…but it sure made for a funny story from my first Holiday with Justin’s side of the family. Another story is from after dinner. We were all talking about how full we were and Justin’s cousin, Kelly, told me that we should go on Biggest Loser. And I know she meant nothing by it, but kids tell the truth man….I guess I need to kick it up a notch at the gym 😦 I knew she wasn’t trying to be mean by saying that so I brushed it off and played along, but Uncle Pat made her say she was sorry to me and I felt so bad!! She seemed like she was about to cry and said “I didn’t mean it in the bad way and you are beautiful!” she’s so sweet! But I DO need to kick it up a notch in the gym…..especially with all the holiday festivities coming. I need to stay on track of my weight loss!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, the message in church was terrific today. Vashii spoke about having a Thankful heart and how it is God’s command for us to praise and thank him in ALL circumstances. We thank God for trials and hard times because we know that He allowed them to happen. He is helping us strengthen our character and gain knowledge…and we also thank God in the good times because we are so unworthy of all of His blessings that He gives!

This holiday weekend has been great. Being thankful and getting ready for Christmas 🙂  Here’s some pics of our dog Kona and our lights, Justin and I, and a homemade holiday pot pie that I made!


MK, debt, and thanks

I know, I know….I stink at updating my blog. Let’s all just accept it and read on, shall we?  🙂

Mary Kay has been going fairly well . I have been a Consultant for about three weeks and sales have been going well. I have been teaching quite a few facial and skin care classes to let people try Mary Kay for themselves and learn all about how imperative skin care is.  Honestly, it is a great job. The product sells itself, I get 50% off, I have met new friends, and its something I love. My main focus right now is learning how to get myself out there more and continue to meet people that I can share Mary Kay with. I’m continuing to pray that the decision to be a Consultant will be a blessing for our family, not something that we regret and brings us into more debt!!


Speaking of debt…man how it can get you down! My advice to anyone thinking about getting married in the next year or two would be to try and pay off those student loans and credit cards before you get married! There is a lot of guilt (at least for me) when you bring debt into your marriage. We do serve an awesome God and He has most certainly been providing for us time after time…but I can see how it has been a struggle in our “newlywed finances” to add on that monthly payment of debt.

That brings me to my next topic. I feel like I’m in a valley in my life lately. Finances aren’t too great for my husband and I, our jobs are not supporting us very well (but praise God we both have them!!), our cars are seeing their last days, and I could go on but I will spare the whining haha.

We are in this “limbo” stage where we are just hanging onto God by a thread, anxiously awaiting to hear from Him and see His direction. Do we move? Do we get new jobs? Do we sell things? There are so many questions and possibilities that pop into our thoughts whenever we sit down and talk about our current situation and the future. And as a newlywed who isn’t used to having to work much or budget money, it is a stressful, scary, and often emotional roller coaster that I have been riding the past few months.

All I know is that God must have huge plans for us. I know it is all for a reason and we are definitely learning from each and every trial that comes our way. And praise God that our marriage is stronger than ever:) That is a huge blessing.

I think this holiday season will be an awesome reminder of how much we need to just be thankful for what we DO have and thankful that we have a loving family who always prays for us and has our backs.

For Thanksgiving, we are going over to Justin’s Grandma’s house about 30 minutes away to share the holiday with his side of the family. And for Christmas, we are going to Kansas City for an ENTIRE WEEK!! I am trilled about that:) It will be great to spend time in the snow, light fires, go to a Christmas Eve service, and be with my mom for seven whole days! I need the break:)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your family time and be thankful for what God has done in your lives:)