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Freddy, the Frapp, and Fear

So before I really share what is on my mind, I just have to share this story. First of all, something you should know about me is that I currently am a barista at Starbucks. Its a glamorous job, I know…but someone has to do it.

 As you can imagine, I see a lot of people throughout my day and there is one child in particular that I have to blog about. I first met “Freddy” a couple of weeks ago when he came in with his mom. He just had this aura around him that screamed “spoiled” from the moment I saw him drag his mother to the counter and say, “I want my usual, and make sure they make it the way that I like it. I’ll be waiting back at the bar.” …….. let me just add to the story by letting you know that this kid looked FIVE!

A.) what parent gives their FIVE year old coffee?

B.) what kind of parent lets their child talk to them like that and order them around?

It gets better. 

His mom forgot what his “usual” and so he had to come back up to the register (lots of eye rolls were involved in this) and say to me in the most annoyed voice, “I want a caramel FRAPP, extra drizzle, hold the whip, and double blended.” …and then little Freddy stomped off back to the bar. ……..and I stared at his mom feeling so, so sorry for her.  and very impressed that this little toddler knew Starbucks lingo.

So that was my instance with little Freddy a couple weeks ago. Today, i had the pleasure of Freddy’s presence again. And it gets even better…..

Little Freddy walks up to the counter- no mom in tow this time (….he’s FIVE!!! )- and says to me, “how much caffine is in those caramel frapps? they don’t seem to be doing the trick anymore”. Wow, Freddy. Wow.  So I asked little Freddy where his mom was and he told me she was in the car. And then I asked if she’s appreciate him getting more caffine and he said, “of course not”.

So I have little Freddy the five year old a cup of bold coffee. He added sugar and chocolate to it. And I’m sure his mom loves me for making her controlling son hyped up on caffine. I can only imagine the chaos that is in her life. Sorry, Freddy’s mom.


Ok, so now that that is off my chest, I actually have something that I want to talk about.

I have ben really burdened with the whole concept of fearing God. I just feel like today’s churches are so focused on trying to present the Bible in a “people friendly” way that we are completely missing the point.

We try to make prayer this casual thing like, “yo, God what’s up?” and forget that we are talking with the Creator of the Universe through His Holy Spirit. I feel like nothing is more important than prayer. Not because you see things happen through it (which you do), but simply because I am speaking with THE MOST IMPORTANT BEING EVER. And its amazing that I can do that because I believe in Him and His Holy Spirit. I think thats maybe a little glimpse of what fearing God is.

Far too often I feel that we casually play music in church because the beat is cool and we don’t pay attention to the words. We pray as if it were some mundane thing that we do simply because we are Christian. That is one example of not fearing God enough, but I feel like there is this other extreme, too.Where maybe on the outside, we can seem to be extremely into the prayer and into the music, but we aren’t truly grasping who we are praying and singing to. Its almost as if its fake.

I dunno….feel free to share your thoughts:) Its just something that I really feel brudened and convicted about.


Starting fresh…

So I’ve been in the blog world for a couple years now and I’ve had a couple blogs. It seems that with every stage in life, my blogs/ blog communities have correlated fittingly.

-First, there was livejournal (does that even count as a blog?) where all of us angsty teenagers could go and post about how difficult life was (ha!) and take quizzes about ourselves. That was a flop. It wasn’t even a blog. I just answered my own previous question.

-Then, there was my …and I guess that one went  pretty well. Nothing too exciting about it. That was a blog. But then I lost my password. And the support team wasn’t cooperating. So now I’m here. Sitting on my couch next to my husband. Making a new blog.

– With this one, I am starting fresh. I graduated, got a new apartment, and got married all within last month so why not throw in a fresh new blog to go with the fresh new life, eh? I like it.

 Its funny how we always ask ourselves the same question every once in a while, “Where do I see myself in 5 years?” If I answered that 5 years ago, I would have said that I was going to go to Nebraska, live near my mom, and go to beauty school. But here I am living in Jacksonville with my HUSBAND, job-hunting, and very involved with my church. Its crazy the path that God takes you on when you give Him control of your life. I have learned that nothing is more amazing that seeing God’s plan unfold….

I hope that this blog can give a little humor, hope, and amusement to your day:)

Talk to you all tomorrow,

Mrs. Shannon

Mr. and Mrs. Shannon